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A Fall Fresh Start!

With Fall, comes back to school and early bedtimes, daily routines and busy families. For me, it takes a conscious effort to get back on track and shift gears from our relaxed summer days to a strict schedule of activities.

Organization is the key! Organizing my house, my time and meals ensures the right things are purchased when I get to the grocery store.

I get out water bottles and food containers the night before so they are ready to fill in the morning rush!

Fresh fruit like grapes, strawberries and raspberries are washed and ready to serve. Carrots and cucumbers can be cut up ahead and refrigerated in a little water to keep them fresh.

Dinner proves to be the most challenging time of day as I arrive home to kids that are all a little tired and a whole lot hungry! I took a leap in the summer and signed up for the GOOD FOOD box program. I get a weekly delivery of recipes and all the ingredients needed for three meals a week. It takes the pressure off—I don’t have to decide what I am making or worry about having what I need on hand. I can honestly say we have enjoyed trying new foods and the kids enjoy helping pick the meals for the coming weeks. The food is fresh and everything, right down to the spices and seasonings, are included. We have eaten more kale, spinach and whole grains in the last month than we have in years! There are many companies which offer similar services and I encourage you to do some research and see if one works for you and your clan. Making a change can be the fresh start you crave!

Jocelyn Siciliano is DCNP Steering Committee Member and Supervisor with Durham Social Services.

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